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Tips for your resume

According to an article on MoneyWatch, HR reps spend mere seconds scanning over your resume. The most important aspect that needs to stand out is your current job title. It's important to be honest about what you do and not make up your job title but you must be able to convey the work you do while at the same time allow an HR Rep to understand what your work entails. Some extra words describing what your job is about might do the trick. We also encourage you to try some of the links on this page for resume building and submission to the thousands of jobs that are out there. Keep up to date on this page and site as we will list open seminars, job fairs, and companies hiring around the country.




Local television/news stations continue to merge

In south TX it is local tv stations channel 6 (NBC) and channel 10 (CBS) which have recently merged operations resulting in layoffs. A similar action in Hawaii had three stations merge together with little resistance. The ability for individuals to obtain news and information on the internet at real time is finally taking its toll. First it was predicted that the newspapers would die off. Although most have struggled over the years and some have disappeared, many continue to publish in both big and small markets. However with new tech sites like Twitter and phone apps that offer real time updates as they happen, will the local tv stations and newspapers be able to survive? It is a business question as, after all, the incomes come from advertising dollars. Where the people go, so go the ad dollars. More tv stations appear to use the technology to their advantage. Whether by Twitter updates or by adding phone apps, their viewers get the breaking news updates and then turn to station web sites or live tv to watch more of the story.


More jobs cuts announced, Tech sector

Microsoft, Intel and other tech titans have announced new job cuts.  These companies are expected to lay off 5,000 and up to 6,000 respectively. Not only in the mainland U.S. but also jobs loses at plants in the Philippines and Puerto Rico.



Office Depot to close over 100 stores

Office Depot has stated it will close roughly 9% of its stores and cut 2200 jobs over the next few months to cut costs.  The store closings will occur across the country and Canada.


Time to start something new?

Many people have been laid off in this tough economy. Now may be the time to start a home business or online business. What do you need to start? Should you incorporate? To get answers to these questions and more contact The Law Offices of William Bonilla, P.C.



Judge bans Bratz dolls

A federal judges has banned MGA Entertainment, owner of the Bratz dolls, to stop production and selling of the dolls. A dispute has been ongoing for years betweens Bratz maker MGA and Barbie maker, Mattel.  This ruling comes after a jury found MGA liable to Mattel for $100 million stemming from a breach of contract lawsuit filed in 2004.  This is a total victory for Mattel, although the judge has allowed the dolls to stay on store shelves until after the holidays.



Own a Major League sports team

Always dream of owning your own major league baseball team? Did you know that you can at least own a piece of one? The Atlanta Braves MLB team is owned by Liberty Media Corporation which is publically traded. However there are three different Liberty "tracking" stocks. The stock that covers the team is Liberty Media Capital symbol LCAPA.
































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