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$2,250 per downloaded song

This is the "reduced" award amount in the case of illegal music downloads that one man has to pay. The total damage award was originally $2 million but  a judge reduced that amount to $54,00 for the 24 songs that were illegally downloaded. That amount comes out to $2,250 per song that defendant Jammie Thomas-Rasset has to pay Capital Records.


ESPN 8 "the Ocho" not yet but ESPN 3-D coming this year

ESPN has announced the launch of ESPN 3-D network which will show case this year's World Cup and for next year's 2011 BCS Championship game. ESPN anticipates airing 85 live sporting events in it's first year. Internet postings also suggest that Discovery channel will also be going 3-D.


College football coaching changes

At the end of the college football regular season one of the biggest coaching changes happened at Notre Dame and that news was pretty shocking at the time. But what a relief for that coach that all the other controversy has erupted. First Urban Meyer at the University of Florida decided to quit for health reasons and then changed his mind. Now the circus at Texas Tech and the firing of coach Leach is even more shocking. Not to mention the involvement of former SMU football star Craig James and his son Adam, who plays for the Texas Tech football team. And let's not forget to give that final farewell to Bobby Bowden retiring as head coach at Florida State.


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Rihanna cancels shows, T.I. coming to Corpus

Many of you have heard the news that singer Chris Brown is being investigated for felony assault against Rihanna. And many of you may have seen pictures of her battered and bruised talking on a cell phone, but TMZ has proven that those pictures are fake. The reality is that no one is immune from a hostile relationship. Don't fall victim to abuse. Help is out there. If you or a loved one are in need of legal advice and need help, contact our sponsors at The Law Offices of William D. Bonilla, P.C. They handle a variety of family law matters and child custody cases. Also, let your state representatives know that you want them to support a bill pending in Texas that allows for protective orders to apply to family pets.

The Caller Times has reported that T.I. will be coming to Corpus Christi March 15. He is currently pending weapons charges and will find out in 45 days or so whether he will do jail time for the charges. The show will correspond with local spring break events. For more spring break info visit SpringBreakLaw.com and keep yourself safe while on break. Or for immediate legal help with a criminal matter, contact our sponsors at www.TLoWDB.com


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Legal t.v. show "Damages" set for second season

The successful new television show "Damages" returns for a second season January 7, 2009 at 9 p.m. on the FX Network.(click link for trailer on tv.com)  The show starring Emmy winner Glenn Close circles around her character as a top New York attorney.  If you did not catch the first season don't worry as the new season should carry a somewhat different story line after season one. Although we encourage you to view episodes of season one on DVD. The pilot episode was originally offered for free on iTunes. Look for many new shows to offer free first episodes on iTunes or Hulu.com.


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Olympic controversy for American swimmer

Famous and talented American swimmer Amanda Beard got the 2008 Olympics off with a bang! She launched her PETA Campaign and the Chinese government went nuts. A press conference was moved out of the Olympic village by the radical communist Chinese government out of pure shame. The world knows the Chinese are the worst animal killers in the world, so needless to say they were not happy with an anti-fur ad campaign staring at the opening of the Olympics. For more on this visit Amanda's PETA page by clicking her ad picture below

Amanda Beard Poses Nude to Help Save Animals on Fur Farms


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Brett is back!

Out of retirement and now traded to the Jets, Brett Farve will be the new QB for the New York Jets this upcoming football season. Although the Green Bay Packers were willing to pay him around $20 million for marketing and promotion work, Farve needed to play the game. Current Jets QB Chad Pennington is to be cut. Headlines read that the Miami Dolphins may be interested in Pennington.


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Retires and re-hires

Brett Farve calls it quits after 17 seasons and numerous records broken as the QB in Green Bay. Randy Moss signs new 3 year deal with Patriots worth around $27 million. And "Big" Ben Roethlisberger signs a huge deal with the Steelers, an 8 year deal worth about $120 million.


Double check the attic, record collection sells on Ebay for $3 million

Actually it was a collection at a record store but yes it did sell on Ebay for over $3million. The collection included a million albums, 1.5 million singles and 300,000 CDs.  The 68 year old owner of Record Rama is ready to retire. He had opened hi store in 1968. He had suffered a few strokes over the years and is legally blind. He wants to spend more time with his family.


Pats video

We did not really understand the headline about "spygate" and all the talk about destroying tapes. But it now appears that there are more and more Patriots videos that were made of opposing teams. In 2002 the Patriots apparently tapes the St. Louis Rams prior to their first Super Bowl win. We may never know how many teams were taped back then or even now. We will also probably never know how many other teams may follow this practice. But we imagine the owners will be addressing this during off-season meeting, unless of course its commonplace. Just keep an eye on these events as they further develop. It is already to the point that the U.S. Congress is involved.


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Dungy stays, Farve?

Tony Dungy decides to stay for at least another season with the Colts. A tired and worn Brett Favre looked like he was ready to give up after the close loss to the Giants. He will take his time and make the right decision. He looks like he still has it in him however by the time overtime came around during the Giants game he made some crucial mistakes. We would hate to see him go, but it probably is the right time. The team made it to the NFC finals and that says a lot. Best of luck to him in making this difficult decision.

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In case you missed it

We recently read that Conde Nast publishing had decided to shut down one more of its magazines called House & Garden, which is very similar sounding to Better Homes & Gardens magazine. But what we had not realized was the fairly long list of other magazines that have closed down this year. These include Stuff magazine, Jane, Premiere magazine, Child magazine and apparently Time Inc had re-published Life magazine which was also news to us but that has now been shut down.  Conde Nast will continue to publish big name titles in the home area such as Vogue Living and Architectural Digest along with something called Domino, which somehow relates to the home area (obviously we have not read that one yet).  The December 2007 issue will be the last for House & Garden, again not to be confused with Better Homes and Gardens published by Meredith Corp.


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TMZ to debut on t.v. today

The world famous web site all about celebrities, TMZ.com, will be making its television debut today. The popular web site is taking its video and breaking celebrity news stories to a half hour made for t.v. show under the same name. TMZ.com's managing editor, Harvey Ln a variety of networks, but primarily carried by Fox betwee lawyer and news anchor who started TMZ.com. The show will air on a variety of networks, but primarily carried by Fox between the hours of 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.  On the weekends an hour long show will air.



Paris Hilton  sues Hallmark

According to media reports, Paris Hilton has filed a $500,000 lawsuit against Hallmark cards company. The suit alleges misappropriation of her likeness and her apparently trademarked phrase "That's hot."  She also alleges invasion of privacy however we are not sure how they came up with that allegation. Along with the money damages she is seeking a permanent injunction.


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Two more Vick co-defendants plead guilty

Now 3 out of the 4 men charged with dog fighting and gambling have pleaded guilty. Only the super star Mike Vick is left. He is expected to cop a deal which will have him serving a year in prison. But as one football analyst put it, the NFL has yet to decide his future. He is out for the 2007 season and jail would put him out for 2008. With two years of not training and returning to football at the age of 29, it is unlikely he would be in top form. And the speculation is that he would have to start fresh with a new team. But who would want him? What team will have fans that support someone who kills dogs for fun? The NFL cold still render the worst punishment, a lifetime ban! The reason is not torturing dogs but rather gambling.



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